What is style? Well, you tell me. Style is all about YOU. It has nothing to do with what the current trends are (well, maybe a little) but all in all, style is whatever you want it to be. Trends are important of course, but I like to think of trends more of a suggestion when it comes to fashion. The Fashion Forecasters of the world figure out what's hot and what's not, and when they do, stores begin to sell the items that the forecasters see as "trendy." Then consumers, such as you and me begin to purchase those items to add to our wardrobe, but just because you may follow trends does not mean you have great style.  Style takes skill. It takes a creative eye and a great sense of aesthetic. It's not always about following what the current trend is or what everyone else is doing. Sometimes it is going against the flow and doing your own thing. Some may say that style is something that you achieve, but that is not all necessarily true.  Style is whatever comes naturally to you and it is what makes you unique. Whether it's Cotton or Chanel, Satin or Silk, Louboutins or Loafers, it all really doesn't matter, style is whatever you feel the most comfortable in,

Some of you may ask "Who are you?" and "Why are you making just another fashion blog?" Well, I'm here to answer both of those questions. My name is David Ko. I am currently a college student with nothing but fashion on my mind. It is the air I breathe and it is the food I eat. Fashion is, and will always be my world. The reason I am making this blog is to express my own personal thoughts about fashion and to also get myself out there. In a world filled with millions and millions of people, nowadays, the only way to stand out is through the internet, and why not start now? So here I am, in the sunny state of California (which is still quite sunny, even in the middle of November), creating this blog in the hopes of "getting myself out there."  Who knows where this blog takes me, but I don't really care. This blog will be my creative outlet where I get to express my thoughts when it comes to fashion and gain experience in the industry as a whole.

So I leave you with this: What does fashion mean to you?

- D.