Coloring Within the Lines

Color.  In fashion, it can easily be described as the one thing that either makes or breaks your outfit.  Color is something that must be used very very wisely.  You must always keep in mind when too much color is, well, too much.  So for this post, I will talk about how to create an eye-catching, colorful outfit without being quite the eye-sore. Crayola.  That's one word that definitely describes this Spring/Summer season.  More and more men and women are starting to become very bold with their outfit choices.  Sure, color has always been around.  I am in no way, shape, or form saying that color is a huge breakthrough all of a sudden, because it's not.  Just more vibrant, somewhat childish colors are starting to make their way down the runway.

Take looks by Dolce & Gabbana and Christian Dior at Spring '11 Fashion Week for example:

It is more about colors that POP.  Bright reds and oranges, grassy greens, electric blue, and creamy mustard.  Of course one would NEVER mix all of these colors together, but it's never bad to play around.  Try a blue and white striped shirt and some mustard accessories.  Or show a little bit of patriotism with red, white, and blue.  Dress as if you are on your way to a picnic, or to the playground.  You can never get enough color, just be sure to keep it neutral with some whites, khakis, and blacks.  It's time to embrace these splashes of color that have begun to take over the racks of stores across the globe.  Do as the inner-child in you would.  But just remember one little thing that I'm sure your parents told you dozens of times when you were a kid, and that is to ALWAYS color within the lines.

(p.s. that's my friend Rachel Ellam modeling for Heartbeats Photo!)

- D.