Ahoy Matey!

So I just got done with my last class for the semester, and boy am I excited.  Now all i have to do is get through four finals next week and then it's finally the one thing I have been waiting for the entire year -- SUMMER.  And instead of studying, here I am, blogging on the lawn right outside of my dorm building.  It's a whopping 76 degrees (nothing compared to the high 90s we had last week) and I'm just soaking up some sun.  I've pretty much got ten shades darker since I first came here, and yet I still find myself wanting more.  I think I may be addicted.  You know it's bad when people start knowing exactly where I am at this time of day.  Oh well!  But one thing that I would SO much rather be doing is chilling on a boat with the sun high in the sky.  I long for the day when all is required of me is to sit in my sunglasses and sip an ice cold lemonade.  Hopefully that day is fast approaching.  Anyways, one trend that I have been noticing a lot lately is the whole "nautical" look.  I guess you can say I'm pretty ahead on the trends since my 18th birthday party last year was "Yacht Club" themed and red and blue stripes are just now coming onto the radar... but hey, maybe I'm just telepathic like that.  So in honor of all those sailors out there, I've decided to base an outfit solely on them.

I forced had my friend Haley Davis come out and take pictures for me and I love how they all turned out!  So as you can tell, this whole look-at-me-I-go-on-boats-and-go-to-yacht-clubs look is all about American pride... Well, basically.  Red, white, and blue are the most important colors.  Mustards and khakis are also important.  Pick up things that are striped and roll up your chinos and you're all set.  And you can't forget the oh-so important Sperry's (my personal favorite). For accessories, anything with an anchor on it is perfect.  And for all you avid greek life college students out there, Delta Gamma is basically the definition of the term nautical.  Sup DG's!  Furthermore, both gold and silver go very well along with anything brown.  Try a rope or braided belt to keep your bottoms up high.  Because, I mean, sagging your pants is occasionally frowned upon.

Plaid shirt from Abercrombie & Fitch, Tshirt and bracelet from H&M, chinos and anchor necklace from Urban Outfitters, belt from Polo Ralph Lauren, watch by Marc by Marc Jacobs, sunglasses by RayBan, and shoes are Sperry's from Nordstrom.

I hope you like my outfit!  And now for some looks and images that inspired this particular outfit.

Thanks for reading!

- D.