Out With the Old

Well everyone, I'm finally home and on Summer break! I got home on Friday night and have been relaxing and meeting up with some friends these past few days.  But one project that I've been working since I've been back is the cleaning and rearranging of my room.  Yeah yeah, I know that I'll only be here for 3 months until I go back to Chapman, but that doesn't stop me from making my room fit my personality much more!  So of course, that means that I've been finally saying goodbye to some of my old clothes.  So for this blog post I'll give you some tips that might help you let go of those pieces that you can just never put in a box or give away.  Well, this is what helped me at least!

  1. A lot of clothes that I have remind me of past memories or even my childhood.  For example, I still have T-shirts that I used to wear when I was 10 in my dresser, which was just taking up a bunch of space.  We all have those pieces that we feel deserves a special part of our closet, when in all honesty, it's just taking up space.  So for those pieces just go out and buy a plastic container or box and label it "Seriously Old Clothes" because, let's be real, they are very, VERY old.
  2. "I know I'll wear this someday..." is one thing I ALWAYS say when I look at some old clothes that have star potential.  I bought a zip up from Paris a few years back and I've worn it once.  I can't find it in myself to get rid of it because, I mean, it's from Paris.  But in all actuality, it's something I will probably never wear ever again.  Anyways, one thing that keeps me from getting rid of those "it may come in handy someday" pieces is well, the fact that I may need it someday!  But it's time to get rid of it because you will actually never wear it again unless you're all for wearing things that are out of style... Just kidding.
  3. Remember the days when colored undershirts were so in? Well, those days are over.  Wearing a white or colored shirt under another shirt is now a no-no.  It's tacky and it screams "Since I can't afford a sweater, I wear two T-shirts to keep me warm!"  But if you realized that the trend would eventually die out, you should have just invested in a nice pull-over or zip up.  It's time for undershirts to go... once and for all.
  4. Do you have jeans that are way too baggy or too short on you now?  And do they still fit around your waist? Well, instead of throwing those out, try cutting them up into shorts.  That's what I do at least!  If you don't know where to cut them, put them on and mark where you want to cut them with a marker.  Or, one thing I always do is get a pair of shorts I already have and like and I align them with the pair I want to cut and snip away!  Simple!  Try different styles too!  Leave some so they're the perfect length and let them fringe (and to do this, throw them into the dryer!) and hang loose.  Or cut some a little longer so you can cuff them if your heart desires.  Try to keep a variety of washes with your shorts.  Don't go cutting crazy on jeans that all look the same.  One pair of one wash is good enough.
  5. As for holey underwear... if you haven't already, you know what to do
  6. No room in your closet for pieces that are out of season? It's simple.  Get another plastic container and put all the clothes you will most likely not wear due to the weather in it.  Label it "Winter Clothes" or "Summer Clothes" and store it somewhere safe.  And when the time comes to bring those clothes back out, sort through them before putting them back into your closet.  There is always the chance that whatever you are hoping to put up is already out of style.
  7. Now if some of the things you have are still in style and they are just a little too big or too small, try giving it to a friend or a sibling.  There is no need to get rid of something that is still considered fashionable.

I hope my tips helped!  If you have any other questions or concerns regarding your wardrobe, feel free to leave a comment and I'll get back to you very soon with a reply!  And now that you have so much more room in your wardrobe, it's time for you to get back out there and shop!  Your closet should never have any free space, well, that's my theory at least. Till next time!

- D.