Here Comes the Sun

...hopefully at least.  The weather has been anything but lovely lately.  It's been cloudy and overcast with barely any view of the sun.  I'm getting anxious, and somewhat upset.  It's summertime, it should be scorching and I should be trading in my sweaters for shorts.  I seriously wore a scarf yesterday, I don't think that should be legal in the month of June.  Please take a look at my weekly forecast for the rest of the week.  Doesn't look too good...

But hey, Tuesday looks promising!  And in light of hoping the weather forecasters are correct, I gotta get my shorts and tank tops ready for a few months of constant over-wear.  But I did a little shopping yesterday at one of my favorite stores, that happens to be going out of business.  GREAT.  As many of you know, Metropark is closing.  Yes, I hate to say it, but I have to believe it because it's really happening.  Maybe it's because of their somewhat overpriced clothing and guido-trend that still hasn't caught on... and hopefully never will.  I went in yesterday and saw a pair of white True Religions originally $230 reduced to $68.  Now that is something I have never ever seen.  But anyways here's what I picked up.

The shirt was $14!  Originally $50.  Crazy stuff right there.  I also got that fang necklace for half-off as well as a small orange bracelet, that isn't pictured.  But I can't wait to wear that outfit.  Maybe it'll make an appearance in the near future.  But anyways, in honor of summertime, I decided to take a few pictures of my own of an outfit I can't wait to wear as well as a few summer essentials.

Items Pictured: BDG coral shorts and black and brown boots from Urban Outfitters, black tank from American Apparel, belt from Polo Ralph Lauren, socks from Target, Diesel Spring/Summer '11 Catalog, The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger (I actually haven't started reading it yet), Clubmaster Ray-Bans, my iPhone 4 with a white bumper, my new favorite scent: Gucci Guilty for Men, 5 Gum (my favorite!), and my new Chai Tea Spice Chapstick from American Apparel.

Now let's just hope the sun decides to shine, and will never falter for the rest of the season.

- D.