Baby, you're a FIREWORK.

In just 5 days, the most popular holiday of the summer finally arrives -- Independence Day (also commonly referred to as the Fourth of July).  Aside from celebrating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, this holiday is also known for parties and picnics that all end in watching the fireworks after the sun sets.  And one thing that people like me ask each year at around this time is what exactly am I going to wear?  There is always the decision of either going full fledged red, white, and blue, or being a little more subtle with a combination of red and blue, red and white, or blue and white, OR just totally disregarding those three colors altogether.  It's all up to your personal preference really, but I believe in taking pride of being an American... 'for at least I know I'm free'... anyone?  It's basically the one and only time of the year that I will actually wear those three colors at once and not feel uncomfortable because I know I look completely American.

But if you are that person wondering what you should wear exactly, well this post is for you!  As I mentioned before, nautical is a trend that has dropped its anchor in stores nationwide, so you have nothing to worry about if you're trying to look for some stripe-age.  Hit up your favorite retail stores, such as Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, J.Crew, Nordstrom, etc., and I am absolutely positive that you will find something American/Nautical.  My closet is already filled with striped shirts in the colors I mentioned above, so I'm set.  But one thing I encourage all you fashionable people to do is try and mix up your look a bit.  Stripes is a definite MUST in your Fourth of July look, but try accessorizing and layering the look with the color you aren't using.  For example, if you plan to wear a red and white striped shirt, maybe put a rolled up, blue blazer over it and some khaki shorts.  Or wear white pants with a blue button up shirt and red sunglasses.  Denim will be your go-to piece and it doesn't matter if the denim in your look is your jeans or shorts, your shirt, or your jacket, just remember that denim will be a great addition for this specific year's 4th.

Be creative with your look and make sure it's ready to weather whatever the weather will be that day.  For us Californians, I suggest wearing shorts and a shirt for your picnic or party during the day, but be sure to keep a cardigan or sweater handy when you plan to watch the fireworks!  And speaking of fireworks, one thing I think you should plan to do is wear a pop of color outside the patriotic hues in honor of the colorful display of fireworks you intend to see that night.  Maybe some brightly colored cuffs or shoes, or a uniquely printed headscarf even.  Never be afraid to work around with color.  The bohemian-patriotic look will go very well this year so be creative.  Headbands, bandannas, fringe, messy hair... all of it will go well with red, white and blue.

So hopefully this helped you create your own outfit for this year's Fourth of July and I hope you all have fun doing whatever you plan to do.  I myself have no clue what I have planned, but I sure hope I figure it out soon!  I'm thinking of going down to Southern California and watching the fireworks from the beach... who knows!  But remember to be safe this Fourth and I can't wait to see what you all come up with!  And worst comes to worst, just pair an American Flag graphic tee or tank with some denim cutoffs and you'll be set.