Pretty In Pink

My most recent shoot involved the color pink... and lots of it.  I had my friend Shaye model once again for this shoot.  You can see my last shoot with her here.  She previously mentioned this spot in the Silver Creek Country Club that would be perfect for a photoshoot and I had her send me photos of the location, and I immediately knew I wanted to do something colorful.  At first I was thinking something tropical, but that immediately changed when I started making the dress.  Yes, you heard right, I hand-made the skirt that she wore for the shoot.  I had a little help with my friend Jasmine from thatdarngeek.  I was able to bounce some ideas off of her and get her input and she helped me with sewing and all of that (although the dress consisted of hot glue more than stitches themselves).  Along with the dress, I also made her braided belts from a dark sea-foam, printed fabric I bought as well as her headband and dress accent.  Those were really fun and easy to make with my handy dandy hot glue.

The inspiration from the dress came from a lot of red carpet designs I have been noticing lately.  Notedly, a dress Emma Watson wore to the London Premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, which was AMAZING by the way.  Shaye and I gabbed about the movie and our love for it during hair and make-up.

I loved the layering of tulle and the overall whimsical feel and look of it all.  But I knew that this layering of tulle would be impossible to recreate and execute the day before the actual shoot, so I opted for something a little simpler, yet still very fairy-tale like.  The yards of tulle I had and used for the shoot was almost enough for me to get lost in it.  Anyways, I completed the skirt the morning of the shoot and everything worked out perfectly.  When I met up with Shaye we started hair and make-up and went for a more natural look.  For her hair, I had her curl it (for I am completely incompetent with it comes to that) and once that was done, I tied a low, side bun and braided some strands of hair to interlace throughout the bun.  Once that was complete, the dress became the next obstacle.  I was planning on making a top with a champagne colored chiffon, but instead I opted to use one of the tops she already had.  It was once again a top from Free People, so thank God for them.  After a few minutes of safety-pinning the dress on to make it fit perfectly, and a little belting and accenting with more tulle, and a lot more.  From there we were finally on our way to the Country Club and began the shoot.

The locations we used included the waterfall right on the golf course as well as a little stone gazebo and some plant-life and trees.  I loved the contrast of the rock and greenery with the pinks and purples of the dress.  Overall, I believe that this is the most I have ever worked on a shoot to this day.  It was also very, very, VERY fun to actually shoot and edit.  I love how each piece turned out and I hope you guys do as well!