Style Stalker: GENNY

ss One aspect of fashion blogging I love is featuring other people's outfits and general style, not just my own. Until I can think of a better name, we'll have to do with "Style Stalker," since I'm basically stalking my victims to eye what they are wearing. With these posts, I will try my hardest to post at least once a week, featuring someone new every time. So if you know me and are interested in being featured, be sure to comment or get a hold of me! I definitely have a few of you guys already in mind...

Without further ado, I present to you my first stalkee, Genny!


Genny has been a dear friend of mine ever since I transferred to Chapman in the Spring of 2011. Her style has always been something I have adored and fallen in love with. Being from Belgium, Genny's outfits definitely have a distinct European look, but living in California, it is all the while laid-back and beach-chic. Genny is the Serena van der Woodsen I never had. Like Serena, I am always in awe of her wardrobe. I mean, it's not everyday you find someone with the Chanel loafers you have been wanting all of your friends to get. I just love the effortless-ness of every single one of Genny's outfits, totally Californian right?



I have always wanted Genny to start a style blog as well, since there is no doubt I would be on that like no other. Instead, she will be helping me with mine, she just doesn't know it yet (just kidding, she totally does)! Overall, I am so happy that Genny is the first person I feature on my blog since she definitely deserves it.




Genny is wearing... Pants: Ralph Lauren, Shirt: Stone Cold Fox, Jacket: Maje, Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti, Scarf: Sandro

What do you think of Genny's outfit??