3 Words, 8 Letters.


Say it and I'm yours.

Wishing you all an early Happy Valentine's! Even though I'm single, this is definitely one of my favorite times of the year. Valentine's is all about showing the people you love, you care (and not just your significant other). Valentine's should be a day all about love. Loving your friends, loving your family, loving your pets, and of course loving your self.

I'm currently laying on my death bed as I suffer from a fever as well as some throat issues. Not going to elaborate on that since it's a little disgusting. But I thought that while I'm doing absolutely nothing except popping Advil and waiting for my fever to flare back up, why not blog?

So in honor of this week's upcoming special day, I decided to post an outfit to go with it. I mean, there is nothing I love more than clothes. I'm all about wearing red and anything related on Valentine's, and you should be too. Red is a great color for the Spring/Summer, so don't be afraid to play with the color a little bit. The location for the shoot was in Old Towne Orange right by my school, in front of a few brick walls near Starbucks. It was such a pleasant surprise to see all these heart chalk drawings on the walls and love phrases. Genny (my photographer and first and most recent style stalkee) asked me if I knew about it and if that was why I wanted to shoot there and I had absolutely no clue.




143, I la la la love you

I love red blazers. Not too sure how often I would wear it on a regular occasion, but it's definitely a piece I enjoy having in my wardrobe. I admire Justin Bieber's style a lot, and I love how he plays with the color which can be seen here and here .  I admire his wardrobe choices and his confidence to be a little more fashion forward. The outfit was also inspired by one of Chuck Bass' outfits in the first season of Gossip Girl. I've always said that if Chuck and JB had a magical love child that turned Asian, it would be me.




Blazer: Forever 21, Shirt: Comme des Garçons from American Rag, Jeans: 7 For All Mankind, Socks: J.Crew, Belt and Loafers: Gucci, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Watch: Vintage Seiko, Bracelet: Brandy Melville