Sol Meets Body

DSC_7507I want to live where soul meets body and let the sun wrap it's arms around me.

Yesterday, I had to unfortunately attend class, something I haven't been doing due to my illness (still not really sure what I had/have). Afterwards, I met up with my brother and cousin and we went to lunch at Wahoo's, yum. We planned a few days before that we wanted to spend the day at the beach since my brother hasn't been in a long time, considering the fact that he's been in Korea for the past two years. We decided on Huntington Beach. From relaxing on the sand, to taking pictures by the water (photos courtesy of my brother, Matt), and of course, enjoying my favorite Banzai Bowl (the Maui Sunrise is the best!), let me just say that it was a great way to spend Valentine's Day.


DSC_7498The weather was colder than I expected, as I walked down to the beach in just my shorts and a tee. I opted for putting on my new favorite Sol Angeles sweater I recently purchased from Kitson. It is unbelievably comfortable and it's perfect for Spring. I have been a huge fan of Sol for a while now, I just never found the right piece. But lo and behold, I took a trip to Kitson and found this beaut. For those of you who don't know, Sol Angeles is a Los Angeles brand that's perfect for the beach and, as the website states, "rigorous cocktails, sleepovers, and racket sports." My kind of brand. They had this sweater in two other colors, navy and a light gray. I chose the white since 1. I don't own any white sweaters and 2. I have a feeling white will be really popular this season.



DSC_7487Sweater: Sol Angeles, Swim Shorts: Lifetime from Bloomingdale's, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban.