You Seem Lost

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Summer is flying by, and it's sad to think that I am just now getting back to updating this baby! How has everyone's summer been so far? I would have to say that mine has been pretty great. It's been relaxing, to say the least. I recently took a trip up to Seattle to visit some friends and for my best friend's graduation, and it was just the break I needed. I also started working at the J.Crew Men's Shop at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, Ca. I absolutely love working there. All of my managers and co-workers are so stylish and trendy, which makes going to work that much more fun. In addition to my job, I also started interning for Sanctuary Clothing, an LA-based fashion brand, which I do Fashion PR and Marketing for. With Senior Year coming up, I've realized the importance in making sure I'm fully prepared for graduation and what comes after.

Since my last post, which I saw was at the beginning of April, a lot has changed. I'm now, wait for it... 21! My birthday was on the 17th of April and it was probably the best birthday yet that I got to spend with all of the people I love. If you noticed the new watch as well, that was a gift from my two little brothers (in my fraternity). I also dealt with finals and all of the end of the year business, which I got caught up in. So with a month of summer already gone, I thought it was about time to make myself start working on this, not only for fun but also for possible future opportunities.

In turn, this past weekend I took a trip down to Laguna Beach to shoot some photos for Sanctuary (a more detailed post with the BTS and photos will be coming soon) with fellow friend and intern Alyson. We brought the pieces that were pulled for us and our friend/model for the day Genny and shot some photos. Let me just say, the photos all turned out amazing. I can't wait to get to editing them and posting them for all of you to see! But of course, I prepped myself for my own little shoot since I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to get my blog up and running again. Genny was, again, the wonderful photographer for this one (with some photos taken by Alyson's friend Elizabeth).



There's something I absolutely love about this whole making puns out of designer brand trend that's been going on. From Homies (Hermes) to Ballin (Balmain), and Comme Des F*ckdown (Comme Des Garçon) to Feline (Celine), I can't get enough of it. Designers such as Brian Lichtenberg and The Cut are known for all of these wonderful creations and you can see these looks on celebrities like Miley Cyrus (she can't stop), Cara Delevingne Ashley Benson, Wiz Khalifa, and Rihanna. I got this tank that says 'YSL: You Seem Lost' from Kitson at Fashion Island and I absolutely love it. I got another similar designer-pun shirt recently that I'll be sure to feature in the next week or two.


3Tank: Kill Brand from Kitson, Shorts: Vintage Levi's, Watch: Emporio Armani, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Bracelet: Lust Bracelet