A Sanctuary Summer: Laguna

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As I mentioned in my last post, I most recently started interning for Sanctuary Clothing, an LA-based fashion brand that sells clothing mainly online, but also at small boutiques, Anthropologie, and department stores like Nordstrom. I intern with my dear friend Alyson as Fashion PR and Marketing interns. This involves anything from graphic design, press releases, schedules, Instagram, etc. One of my favorite parts of the internship so far has been updating the Instagram. As a lover of all social media, I was excited to take on this project. Basically, we want to increase followers and attention to our Instagram, since it is currently the best way to gain organic followers and gain recognition from people or companies we normally wouldn't reach out to. So in order to do that, we had the stylist at the HQ pick out some clothes for us so we could take pictures of our friends in them, sort of like a guerrilla photo shoot.

Each photo series follows this "Sanctuary Girl," who is sort of the inspiration behind the brand. She loves to travel, is effortless, and only brings the necessities. Therefore, whenever choosing our friends to do these shoots, these are the characteristics we keep in mind. Bring in Genny. Many of you know her from my Style Stalker post and also my photographer on occasion. She is always the perfect model since she has the best clothes and style in general. We knew right at the start we wanted her to be our first model.

For the first shoot, the destination of the Sanctuary Girl was Laguna Beach. How perfect right? Alyson and I, along with our friend Elizabeth, went down to Laguna and shot these photos. It was a cloudy day, which sucked, but I think the pictures turned out great. She is wearing at least one article of Sanctuary in each shot, all available to purchase at the website. I hope you like the photos!




9For more photos of Genny and to see which ones made it on the Instagram, be sure to follow @SanctuaryClothing on Instagram!