A Sanctuary Summer: Montauk

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This summer is flying by, and I'm honestly a little excited, but sad at the same time. I'm definitely ready for school to start, but I'm not ready for this next year (Senior Year) to go by way too fast, since it naturally will. Yet, I will say that this summer has been a productive one. I love my internship with Sanctuary Clothing since it has given me the opportunity to really put my education to use, and it has also gotten me back into fashion photography. I used to really enjoy fashion photography, but as soon as I came to Chapman, I got way too busy. From class to my fraternity, I got way too occupied and could never find time where I could easily plan a shoot and buy all the necessary supplies like I used to in high school. My internship has really opened that door again for me and I've realized just how much I do enjoy it. I'm starting to look at my interest in photography as more of a hobby and a good skill to have, rather than an actual career that I want to pursue (which was the case back in high school). But enough about me and more about my most recent shoot. This time, the destination Sanctuary wanted to feature was Montauk, New York.

Considering we couldn't shoot in Montauk ourselves, we had to improvise. As a part of the East Hamptons, both Alyson and I felt that Newport would be the perfect place to go to shoot for this destination. We went to Newport Harbor and set up shop. The weather was perfect since it was sunny and breezy, exactly the temperature and lighting we needed for the photos. I asked my friend Bailey to model for this series, someone I've been wanting to shoot with for a while now.




We first just walked around the Harbor and found some cool and photogenic spots to shoot in front of, but as the day went one we got a little more bold with our locations. We were shooting in front of a magazine rack, and I had to make sure I didn't capture anything that said Newport since Sanctuary's audience had to believe that we were actually in Montauk. But as we were shooting a guy walked by and greeted us then hopped on to his Vespa. Bailey and I looked at one another and smiled. We asked the guy if we could take a few photos on his Vespa and he was more than happy to let us. He even let Bailey borrow his helmet and sunglasses. The photos turned out great, in my opinion, since they're just very fun and "summer-y." Our next location-luck came when Bailey asked a guy cleaning a really beautiful white and brown yacht if we could get on it and take photos. He said sure and didn't seem to mind at all. We walked up a few steps and I seriously felt like I was in the Titanic. The ship was very old, yet still functional and put together (if you can even compliment a boat like that). We walked around and found some cool spots, but our jackpot was when we found the helm of the ship and took photos in there.



After the shoot we made our way (Alyson, Bailey, and I) to Bear Flag Fish Co. on 31st Street for some fish tacos and fish burritos. Let me just say, they were bomb. That was my first time there, and after my first bite I fell in love. I can't wait to go back, and I know I'll be back again after (or before) my next beach day.

Again, Bailey is wearing at least one article (if not more) of Sanctuary Clothing, which can be found on their website. For more photos of Genny and to see which ones made it on the Instagram, be sure to follow @SanctuaryClothing on Instagram!