photo Hiatus after hiatus, I've put off this blog one too many times. Now that I've graduated (yup, you read correctly), I figured it was about time I started focusing more on my career and well, brand image. After all, we are all our own individual brands, whether you think of it like that or not. I decided to create an Instagram specifically for this blog since nowadays people get sick of narcissistic users who only post images of themselves, and well, when you're in fashion, that's really the only way to go. You know what they say, it's best to keep your private life and your work life separate, right?

On this account I'll post images of: Outfits featured on this blog and details, daily fashion findings, food feat. accessories, interior design, quotes, etc. So if you are a follower of my blog, you now have the option of just following my account that solely pertains to what you'll see on here and more!

So now that you're all intrigued, click here and follow my new account!