A Little Partier Never Killed Nobody

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One thing that I've learned to appreciate now that I'm a (newbie) LA-lite are "clear" days. These are the days where blue skies are actually blue instead of being 50 shades of grey and you can see the LA skyline. I mean, you can see the skyline everyday, but there are many occasions where you can't tell if its your sunglasses that are foggy or if you're looking at (and naturally, inhaling) massive amounts of smog. Yet lately, the sky has been nice enough to give the philosophical question, 'Why is the sky blue?' a new meaning.

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These photos were taken on top of a parking structure at the University of Southern California (or USC for those of you who are familiar with LA schools, which I hope is all of you) when Drew and I were location scouting.  This outfit was something I threw on super quick, but definitely a go-to. A simple tank (I guess my definition of simple is a little skewed) and loose shorts, and of course a pair of loafers, make for a pretty standard hot-day look. I'm hesitant on saying simple since basically whatever UNIF makes is anything but. I got this tank, again, for Coachella. I found it online a few months before and made myself promise I wouldn't wear it until then, but it was pretty hard since I absolutely love it. It's great for day and night wear, and since affording anything Cartier is a little out of my current post-grad budget, I've resorted to staying true to me... You know, a partier on the inside (lol).

I also love the shorts and can't stop wearing them. They are a tie-dye-ish print pair of Zanerobe shorts I picked up at Nordstrom. Funny story actually, there are two colors on them, and it's blue and yellow. I was at breakfast with two friends and one of them accidentally spilled coffee and it got on my shorts. The coffee stained, even after I washed them, but luckily enough, the color of the stain was the exact same color as the yellow that is already present. I thought it was pretty coincidental since if it was any other pair, I don't think I would have been as understanding (ily Alyson).

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Photos taken by: Drew Osumi

Tank: UNIF, Shorts: Zanerobe, Shoes: Steve Madden, Sunglasses: Tom Ford, Watch: Emporio Armani, Bracelets: Assorted (Hermès and Giles & Brother)