Little Black Hat

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We all have that staple piece of clothing that we can't get enough of and when something is meant to provide you wear and tear for years to come, it usually comes in the color black. There is just something about the color black that is eternal and timeless. I could talk on and on about this absence of color, but we all know how it goes and there's no reason to try and convince you to wear it since you probably already do... and a lot of it. I mean, it's so classic that there's this new "vantablack" where your eyes can't even comprehend how black it is. Like, sign me up, am I right?

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Well, I'm getting a little off topic, so back to the point. I've deemed this hat of mine my little black hat (or LBH, not to get confused with "lez be honest"). I found this gem at Kitson on Melrose (by a brand called Gents) and absolutely adore it. I don't think I look good in hats, for the most part, but that doesn't stop me from wearing it almost 24/7. I mean it's black, first of all, and second, it's f*cking 100% leather! I've seen plenty of pleather ones that I probably could have gotten for a quarter of the price, but nothing beats the smell and feeling of real leather. But if you do have pleather in your closet I think it's about time to reevaluate your life/self. When I saw it, I had to have it.

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Just like the RBF (resting bitch face), the hat speaks volumes without ever having to say a word. Paired with my black Tom Ford sunglasses, it basically screams "Please stop talking to me/don't look at me," or "I'm hungover and I need you to GTFO." Either way, it's effective in basically any situation.

So do yourself a favor and ditch your LBD and purchase your new LBH. It's much more casual and isn't just for black-tie events.

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Tank: Kitson, Pants: Sanctuary Clothing, Shoes: PLAY Comme des Garçons, Hat: Gents (you can purchase it here), Watch: Diesel, Bracelets: Assorted, Sunglasses: Tom Ford