Don't Sweat It

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There's nothing worse than feeling under the weather in summer. I recently caught a cold or something and I hate it because I would much rather be spending time outside, although my bed is pretty comfortable right now. Yet, there's nothing I love more than being in comfy sweats when I have even the slightest cold. All I have to do is blast the AC, put on some sweats, and just recoup. Sweatpants have definitely evolved through the years and I still remember the elastic band sweats with the drawstring that were super baggy then all of a sudden cinched at the ankle. Then once Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister got big, it was all about sweats that were long and wide at the foot. Now, it's making sweats as baggy in the thigh without looking too saggy, then tapering in on the leg. You've seen them everywhere, and it's probably one of the most versatile styles as of right now. They've been deemed "joggers" in menswear.

Brands like Zanerobe (which is the type I'm wearing), Cotton Citizen, Balmain, Diesel, Topman, Alexander Wang, and more have all joined the bandwagon and made different types of joggers. From unique prints and patterns, simple colors, acid washes, and even leather, every 21st century male most likely has a pair of them in their closet, whether they know it or not. They're casual, cool, and comfortable. Basically, everything you could possibly want in an article of clothing.

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I received these Zanerobe joggers from my friends as a gift for my birthday and I love them. I've yet to get another pair from Zanerobe, especially since if I'm not sick (like I currently am), I don't have a huge desire to wear them during the heat. But I sucked it up for this look since it is a statement on its own. I paired it with a Rag & Bone tee and my Gucci loafers and called it a day. Shoe-wise, joggers go with almost everything. If you need suggestions, try wearing the with some high-top sneakers, Nike's, or loafers and see how you feel. They are definitely versatile enough to dress up or down. Now let's just pray I get better before going home next week <insert praying Emoji here>.

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T-Shirt: Rag & Bone, Joggers: Zanerobe, Shoes: Gucci, Watch: Seiko (Vintage), Sunglasses: Ray-Ban (Vintage), Bracelets: Assorted