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It's a new year, but a not so new me (how un-cliche, I know). I mean, have I really changed that much since last New Years? Probably not. A year older of course, I'm graduated, living in LA, working... Ok fine, I guess things have been different, but I wouldn't go as far as to say that I'm a completely different person. But then again, is anyone really asking? No, not at all! Well, something that is going to be new is me trying to keep up with this shit. This 'shit' being my blog. As soon as I start getting busy again, I get lazy, and therefore I never go out and shoot and can't find anything to post on this thing! So that hopefully stops now with my one (and probably only) New Year's Resolution: Blog, and actually work at it.

I'm not one to tell someone to ever give up on their dream. I mean, it's kind of harsh to tell someone otherwise, no? I have a Pinterest board dedicated to, what I call, "Words to Live By," yet do I really live by them? Sure I'm in a new city and doing things I love doing, but I'm not working on myself as much as I wish I was. I think my own passion scares me sometimes and I forget that I need to do something with it. So this new year, I vow to do work on myself, for myself, by myself. With that, as well as my #NYR (and now I just hate myself) I intend to keep, I'm gonna work at this, even if it means posting random things I'm doing. Success doesn't happen on it's own... Well, that's what I've been told at least.

So bring it on 2015. I'm ready for you.

Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset Leather Jacket: ASOS, Hoodie: Urban Outfitters, T-Shirt: Rag & Bone, Jeans: Paige Denim